Rough Guide to music of Salsa De Puerto Rico

November 6, 2006

Rough Guide to music of Salsa De Puerto Rico
MP3 | Frontcover | 320 Kbps | 109 Mb

[Image]There’s something inherently wrong about an anthology of Puerto Rican salsa that fails to include the genre’s most notable exponents – namely, El Gran Combo and La Sonora Ponceña. Fortunately, this otherwise worthy entry in the excellent Rough Guide series makes up for that near-fatal omission by including a number of legendary Puerto Rican expatriates.

1. Una Pena En La Navidad – Yomo Toro
2. Todo Tiene Su Final – Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
3. Tirandote Flores II – Eddie Palmieri
4. Consuelo – Plena Libre
5. Muy Joven Para Mi – Jimmy Bosch
6. Que Humanidad – Manny Oquendo’s Libre
7. Dejate Querer – Jose Alberto ‘El Canario’
8. Que Bien Te Ves – Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe
9. Espresso Por Favor – Tito Puente & His Latin Jazz All Stars
10. Mujer Boricua – Nava
11. Vamonos Pa ‘I Carnaval – Truco Y Zaperoko
12. Don Pedro – Los Pleneros De La 21
13. Cico Mangual – Paracumbe


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Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright (2004)

November 1, 2006

Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright (2004)

1 No mercy for she 5:42
2 Dragon fly 2:15
3 Sound the bells 3:48
4 Something to live for 4:13
5 Dried sea 4:13
6 While you sleep 2:33
7 Ode to a friend 3:49
8 Ways to make you see 4:11
9 Callous sun 3:15
10 Pale white 3:47


Written, composed and recorded in a mere 20 days and produced by Fabrice Loureau (sound technician for L’absente & producer of Françoiz Breut, Dirty 3, NIF Trio etc), this collaborative album is a marvel of pure wonderment. On one side of the spectrum we have Yann Tiersen, whose compositions are immediately recognizable by virtue of its cinematic and evocative power. Coupled with a timeless black romanticism, his music requires no translation to reach the heart and soul. On the other side we have Shannon Wright, who has conquered the hearts of rock lovers in search of total genuineness. By clawing the air with her electric guitar, backed by a sparse accompaniment of simply a drumkit, her raw sincerity and emotive delivery leaves a mark that lingers long in the memory. Together, the two weave spellbinding and absolutely moving music. With a shared sensibility and sense of propriety, Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright offer ten luminous and fragile tracks. This is music at its most pristine, enchanting, and heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
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