Watch CSI NY 1�2: Creatures of the Night Online

March 31, 2008

Junkie Jordy Thompkins was shot dead in an alleyway, but the bullet that killed him is missing. Taylor and Hawkes soon realise that a rat may have eaten the bullet, and finding the rat leads them to a robbery that occurred earlier that day. After Robin Prescott is found raped and beaten in Central Park with only a peony leaf on her clothing, Stella and Flack have the daunting task of trying to find the man who raped her, but Prescott has no memory of the crime.


Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer 7�13: The Killer In Me Online

March 31, 2008

Willow finally gives in to Kennedy’s advances, and they share a lingering kiss. Suddenly Willow transforms into the likeness of Warren, Tara’s murderer, and she must find a way to reverse the change while she deals with the still-raw emotional wounds caused by Tara’s death. Meanwhile, when Spike’s chip begins to malfunction Buffy must turn to an unlikely source for help, and the gang discovers that the First may be closer than anyone suspected.

Watch CSI NY 1�3: American Dreamers Online

March 30, 2008

After a skeleton is found on a tour bus and turns out to be over a decade old, Mac and the team use the backpack they have found to track the belongings to a young man named Aaron Moreland, only to learn that the body they have cannot possibly belong to him. By tracing the victim’s shirt, detectives are led to a youth center worker who claims not to remember the boy, but is hiding an old secret of his own.

Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer 7�14: First Date Online

March 30, 2008

Buffy accepts an invitation to dinner from the mysterious Principal Wood, and the secrets of his past are revealed. Xander impresses a beautiful girl with his knowledge of knots, and she seems to be interested in tying him up. Meanwhile the First contacts Andrew in another attempt to destroy the Potentials and Giles finds himself tongue-tied with the new Potential, Chao-Ahn.

Lil Wyte- Doubt Me Now

March 29, 2008


# Track Listings :

    * Doubt Me Now (Song) – Lil Wyte,
    * Blame It on da Bay – Lil Wyte,
    * We Ain’t Playin’ – Lil Wyte,
    * Zero Tolerance (F*ckThem Laws) – Lil Wyte,
    * Sh*t Faced (Skit)
    * In Here
    * Players in da Atmosphere
    * My Smokin’ Song
    * I Know You Strapped
    * Good Dope
    * Com’n Yo Direction
    * Oxy Cotton
    * In the Streets
    * Drop It Off
    * Dont Take Those (Skit)
    * Acid
    * Crash da Club [Remix]
    * Ten Toes Tall
    * Death and Life (Skit)
    * Homicidal, Suicidal
    * Get High to This
    * Replacement (Outro)


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Watch CSI NY 1�4: Grand Master Online

March 29, 2008

On the very night that he wins a D.J. competition, DJ Banner is found dead in an alleyway outside the club where the contest is being run, prompting Mac and Flack to investigate not only the club but also Banner’s primary competition, who was jealous that his girlfriend’s voice was part of Banner’s act. Stella and Danny investigate the death of fashion designer Deborah Gayle, found face-down in the pool at her apartment by her assistant, who isn’t concerned by her boss’s demise. An autopsy reveals that the cause of death was poisoning by tetrodotoxin, a poison found in blowfish, which leads Stella and Danny to Fuqua Sushi.

Watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer 7�15: Get It Done Online

March 29, 2008

Principal Wood gives Buffy a bag of items that used to belong to his mother, the Slayer Nikki Wood. The bag contains various items including weapons, a book, and a strange sealed box. Opening the box leads to enchanted shadow puppets and a chance for Buffy to gain incredible power. Now she must decide whether the power is worth the price.