Watch CSI NY 3�20: What Schemes May Come Online

April 30, 2008

The team finds itself investigating the murders of three different people, only to discover that two of the murder victims are linked and may have been killed by the same person. One of these cases becomes personal for Mac.


Watch Burn Notice 2�11: Hot Spot Online

April 30, 2008

Sam calls in a favor and asks Michael to talk to Sean Martin, a football coach who helps impoverished kids. Sean wants Michael’s assistance helping one of his players, Corey Jensen, who’s being targeted by gangsters.

Seether – Disclaimer II

April 29, 2008

Seether – Disclaimer II



1. Gasoline
2. 69 Tea
3. Fine Again
4. Needles
5. Driven Under
6. Pride
7. Sympathetic
8. Your Bore
9. Fade Away
10. Pig
11. ~censored~ It
12. Broken
13. Sold Me
14. Cigarettes
15. Love Her
16. Take Me Away
17. Got It Made
18. Out Of My Way
19. Hang On
20. Broken – (featuring Amy Lee)


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Watch CSI NY 3�22: Cold Reveal Online

April 29, 2008

Mac believes he can fight the internal affairs investigation that is about to be started against him because of what happened to Clay Dobson. Can Mac explain what happened to the suspect he was chasing and will it be good enough for him to keep his job? Also Stella could lose her job as a CSI after a cold case is somehow connected to her.

Watch Burn Notice 2�12: Seek and Destroy Online

April 29, 2008

Michael, under the alias of Miles Parker, is hired by Scott Chandler to investigate strange activity — log-ins at odd hours, unusual computer activity and telephone bugging — at an art gallery. But after being attacked by the the gallery’s receptionist, Michael finds himself working against Chandler.

Watch CSI NY 3�21: Past Imperfect Online

April 28, 2008

Trouble begins for Mac when Clay Dobson becomes a free man due to a mistake he made. Stella learns the results of her HIV test from Adam.

Watch Burn Notice 2�13: Bad Breaks Online

April 28, 2008

Michael finds himself trapped inside a private bank with Jason Bly during an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Michael’s predicament disrupts Sam’s love life.