Charlie "The Bird" Parker – Portrait (Box Set) (20



Charlie “The Bird” Parker – Portrait (Box Set) (2000)


Charlie “The Bird” Parker – Portrait (Box Set) (2000)


Charlie “The Bird” Parker – Portrait (Box Set) (2000)
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“ For the price, you just can’t do better.
I’m a pretty big Charlie Parker fan and have long been frustrated by the dizzying labyrinth of CD issues of Parker material. I saw this on a sales flyer and intrigued by the price (and after finding this set locally even cheaper,) decided to chance it even though I really couldn’t find any information about this set anywhere and have been burned by inferior “low budget” Parker releases in the past.
So, what is this set? Well, it’s more or less all the master takes Parker played on from 1944-the early 50s. There are two pre-1944 sides and it seems to get a little patchy after 1950, but it seems like most everything between those years is here. In addition to studio performances, there are couple of the officially recorded live sessions (such as the Savoy and some JATP performances).
What’s missing? Alternate takes are the major omission. As someone who was frustrated by Denon’s straight reissues of the old Savoy LPs with alternates and masters thrown in haphazardly, I’m not missing these much at all. The serious Parker fan or student might wish to track down the Complete Savoy and Dial box, but for most of the rest of us, the masters are what we’re after.
There’s also a master or two missing here and there. Mostly these are more minor tracks (“Visa” springs to mind.) Sloppy, yes, and frustrating considering the average disc is 55 minutes long, so space wasn’t an issue.
Also missing are amateur live recordings to which I say good riddance. Too many of these recordings are of fidelity that make listening a chore and are incomplete clips of nothing more than Parker soloing. Students of the saxophone may find these interesting, but I do not.
Sound quality wise, this set is comparable to older CD versions of this material. I haven’t heard the newest Master sets from Verve and Savoy, so I don’t know what kind of sonic improvements are out there currently, but the Savoy and Verve sides on this set sound compirable to my older CDs of the same material. The only really questionable sound comes from the Dial sessions. These masters have not aged well and the producer of this set decided to roll off the highs pretty severly to compencate for the noise. It’s not enough to totally ruin the expirence, but personally I’d rather have the high end even if it is noisy.
Having experienced past attempts to synthesize stereo from mono recordings, I shuddered when I read on the box that these recordings had “been enhanced to virtual stereo.” Fortunately, the effect of this processing, if indeed it’s anything more than empty hype, is negligible as I could not detect any stereo effect or unusual processing on these tracks when compared to other releases of the same material. Sound quality varies from track to track, as it does on every other release of this material, but at least they didn’t ruin it with added reverb and filtering.
You may be asking how this set is so inexpensive when the Savoy and Dial set I’ve mentioned above costs much more. Well, first off, let’s be honest here, this set looks as cheap as it is. The CD packaging and the included booklet (which actually includes a decent overview of Parker’s life) look very generic. Surprisingly, each CD features basic session information with (mostly)correct dates and lineups, but above and beyond that, there’s not much. Personally, I don’t care as I’d rather just get the music than pay extra for fancy packaging.
The other factor that comes in to play is this set is from Germany. European law is much more realistic when it comes to the life of copyrights. In other words, these recordings are all public domain in Germany, which means this label can put together tracks from various companies and release this set so cheaply because there are no licensing fees to pay.
So what’s the downside? Aside from the cheap packaging, this set jumps all over the place chronologically. It almost seems unfair to complain, as they are giving so much for so little, but it’s a little frustrating that a pretty much complete timeline of Parker’s records is here, but the individual discs are arranged so strangely. At least the sessions are kept together, so if you want to hear all the recordings made on a particular date, you don’t have to switch discs.
I know I’ve spent a lot of time discussing what, at this price, is really a no brain purchase, but if you’re like me and just want to know what you’re getting into, now you should know. If you’re just starting with Parker, this set could be a bit overwhelming, and I might recommend Rhino’s excellent 2-cd “Yardbird Suite”. Honestly though, for nearly the same price, this set offers so much more, I just can’t see passing this up. – Amazon Review

Audio CD (September 24, 2007)
Original Release Date: November 25, 2002
Number of Discs: 10
Format: Box set, Import
Label: Past Perfect


CD 1:

01 Swingmatism
02 The Jumpin’ Blues
03 Tiny’s Tempo
04 I’ll Always Love You
05 Romance Without Finance
06 Red Cross
07 Dream Of You
08 Groovin’ High
09 Dizzy Atmosphere
10 All The Things You Are
11 Salt Peanuts
12 Shaw ’nuff
13 Hot House
14 Hallelujah
15 Get Happy
16 Slam Slam Blues
17 Congo Blues
18 Takin’ Off
19 20th Century Blues
20 The Street Beat

CD 2:

01 Warming Up A Riff
02 Billie’s Bounce
03 Now’s The Time
04 Thriving On A Riff
05 Meandering
06 Ko-Ko
07 Dizzy’s Boogie
08 Flat Foot Boogie
09 Poppity Pop
10 Slim’s Jam
11 Diggin’ Diz
12 Moose The Mooche
13 Yardbird Suite
14 Ornithology
15 Night In Tunisia
16 Max (Is) Making Wax
17 Lover Man
18 The Gypsy
19 Be-Bop
20 This Is Always

CD 3:

01 Dark Shadows
02 Bird’s Nest
03 Cool Blues
04 Relaxin’ At Camarillo
05 Cheers
06 Carvin’ The Bird
07 Stupendous
08 Donna Lee
09 Chasin’ The Bird
10 Cheryl
11 Buzzy
12 Milestones
13 Little Willie Leaps
14 Half Nelson
15 Slippin’ The Bells
16 Dexterity
17 Bongo Pop
18 Dewey Square
19 The Hymn
20 Bird Of Paradise

CD 4:

01 Embraceable You
02 Bird Feathers
03 Klact-Oveeseds-Tene
04 Scrapple From The Apple
05 My Old Flame
06 Out Of Nowhere
07 Don’t Blame Me
08 Drifting On A Reed
09 Quasimodo
10 Charlie’s Wig
11 Bongo Beep
12 Crazeology
13 How Deep Is The Ocean?
14 Another Hair-Do
15 Blue Bird
16 Klaunstance
17 Bird Gets The Worm
18 Barbados
19 Ah-Leu-Cha
20 Constellation

CD 5:

01 Parker’s Mood
02 Perhaps
03 Marmaduke
04 Steeplechase
05 Merry-Go-Round
06 Segment
07 Cardboard
08 Passport
09 Star Eyes
10 Ballade
11 Bloomdido
12 My Melancholy Baby
13 Relaxin’ With Lee
14 Leap Frog
15 An Oscar For Treadwell
16 Mohawk
17 My Melancholy Baby
18 Relaxin’ With Lee
19 Overtime
20 Victory Ball

CD 6:

01 Oh, Lady, Be Good!
02 A Night In Tunisia
03 Dizzy Athmosphere
04 Groovin’ High
05 Confirmation
06 Ko-Ko
07 Embraceable You
08 Ornithology
09 Cheryl
10 Ko-Ko
11 Bird Of Paradise
12 Now’s The Time

CD 7:

01 Sweet Georgia Brown (Part I + Ii)
02 Lady Be Good (Part I + Ii)
03 Ballad Medley
04 What Is This Thing Called Love
05 Jam Blues

CD 8:

01 Mango Mangue
02 No Noise (Part I + Ii)
03 My Little Suede Shoes
04 Okiedoke
05 Un Poquito De Tu Amor
06 Why Do I Love You
07 Tico-Tico
08 Fiesta
09 Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite
10 La Cucaracha
11 Mama Inez
12 Estrellita
13 La Paloma
14 Begin The Beguine

CD 9:

01 The Opener
02 Lover Man
03 Swedish Schnapps
04 Blues For Alice
05 K.C. Blues
06 She Rote
07 Star Eyes
08 Funky Blues
09 I Can’t Get Started
10 What Is This Thing Called Love?

CD 10:

01 Easy To Love
02 Summertime
03 I Didn’t Know What Time It Was
04 If I Should Lose You
05 Just Friends
06 Everthing Happens To Me
07 I’m In The Mood For Love
08 I’ll Remember April
09 Dancing In The Dark
10 Out Of Nowhere
11 Laura
12 East Of The Sun
13 They Can’t Take That Away From Me
14 Temptation
15 Lover
16 Autumn In New York
17 Stella By Starlight




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