Account Funding

Simply log in to MY FXBANK, click “Deposit Funds” and input your card information and your funds will appear in your account in minutes. A processing fee of 2.24% to 2.59% will be charged to your Visa or Master Card, depending on the card. Deposits made with Discover Cards will not be charged a processing fee. If you deposit before the closing of a weekly trading session, the money will reach your account immediately, as long as your transaction clears. The end of the weekly trading session occurs at 21:00GMT on Fridays, except for holidays.


Forex Club’s US customers now have the option of depositing funds into their account via ONLINE Checks. All you need is to fill out an easy Online Check Form.

You can also mail your check to our office address:

Forex Club Financial Co, Inc.
1200 South Ave. Suite 203
Staten Island NY 10314
Attn: Financial Dept.

*Please note that check transactions are deposited to accounts only after they clear our bank.
Funds sent via bank wire will be deposited to your trading account as soon as they reach our bank. Forex Club does not charge any fees, but it is not responsible for any fees charged by processing banks.
Money Orders are the one of the safest ways to send your funds through the mail. Money Orders can be sent to Forex Club Financial Company, 1200 South Ave. Suite 203, Staten Island NY 10314.


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