[RS.com] Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce – 2cd Deluxe Edition

~*~ I Am… Sasha Fierce is the third album from American R&B singer Beyoncé, first released on November 8, 2008 in Japan and later worldwide throughout November and December from Columbia Records. The album introduces us to Beyoncé’s alter-ego “Sasha Fierce” who appears on all of songs on the second disc. ~*~


I am… Sasha Fierece

Deluxe edition

I Am… (disc 1)
1.”If I Were a Boy” – 4:10
2.”Halo” – 4:21
3.”Disappear” – 4:28
4.”Broken-Hearted Girl” – 4:39
5.”Ave Maria” – 3:42
6.”Smash into You” (Stewart, Nash, Harrell, Knowles) – 4:31
7.”Satellites” – 3:07
8.”That’s Why You’re Beautiful” (Andrew Hey, James Fauntleroy II, Knowles) – 3:41

Sasha Fierce (disc 2)
1.”Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” – 3:13
2.”Radio” – 3:38
3.”Diva” – 3:21
4.”Sweet Dreams” – 3:28
5.”Video Phone” – 3:35
6.”Hello” (Knowles, Ramon Owen, David Quiñones, Bogart) – 4:16
7.”Ego” (Elvis Williams, Harold Lilly, Knowles) – 3:56
8.”Scared of Lonely” (Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Cristyle Johnson, Love, S. Knowles, B. Knowles) – 3:42


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