Dream Theater – Awake (1994) 320@kbps

Dream Theater – Awake (1994) 320@kbps


Quality: 320 Kbps

01 – 6 O’Clock
02 – Caught in a Web
03 – Innocence Faded
04 – A Mind Beside Itself- I. Erotomania
05 – A Mind Beside Itself- II. Voices
06 – A Mind Beside Itself- III. The Silent Man
07 – The Mirror
08 – Lie
09 – Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
10 – Scarred
11 – Space-Dye Vest

After the relative commercial success of Images and Words, the band went back to the studio in 1994 with the first timetable and most pressure they had experienced going into recording.

Shortly before the album’s mixing, keyboardist Kevin Moore decided to quit the band to follow his own musical endeavors. Fans were outraged, and the band was left shocked by his decision. The band went on a hunt for a new keyboardist to replace Moore for the upcoming tour, and discovered Derek Sherinian, who offered to play keyboards for the band’s upcoming tour.

Unfortunately, more occurrences affected the upcoming tour, such as when LaBrie suffered a terrible case of food poisoning after eating bad shrimp and ruptured his vocal cords while vomiting. Doctors advised LaBrie to rest his voice for a few months so he could regain his vocal abilities, but against their wishes he took part on the tour. Much criticism surfaced surrounding his voice as fans and critics alike noticed a much dramatic change in the tone and range of his voice. He would not fully recover his voice until later tours.



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