Young Money – We Are Young Money (2009)-H3X

Young Money – We Are Young Money (2009)-H3X


If you don?t know who these people are, they are a group of rappers with Lil Wayne, and if you have been wanting any new Wayne tracks, go check this out.

Description: We Are Young Money is a collaboration album from Young Money Entertainment. It is set to be released on December 21, 2009. Featured guests are Lloyd, Pleasure P, Pharrell, Birdman, and Gucci Mane.

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Disc 1

1. Gooder
2. Every Girl In The World
3. Ms. Parker
4. Wife Beater
5. New ~love~
6. Pass The Dutch (Featuring Shawt Dawg)
7. Play In My Band
8. ~censored~ Da Bulls (Featuring Birdman)
9. Bedrock (Featuring Lloyd)
10. Girl I Got You
11. Steady Mobbin? (Featuring Gucci Mane)
12. Roger That
13. She Is Gone
14. Streets Is Watchin?
15. Finale

Artist: Young Money
Title: We Are Young Money
Label: Young Money, Cash Money, Universal
Genre: Hip hop
Playtime: ~1hr 5 mins

Release name: Young_Money-We_Are_Young_Money-2009-H3X
Size: 88.40 MB @ 15 Files


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