[HF] The Best Of Seryoga (2009)


Artist: Seryoga
Album: The Best Of Seryoga
Released: 2009
Genre: Rap
Length: 80 min
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 146.89 MB ( 3%)


1. Black bumer
2. Near your house (feat. Max Lawrence and Satsura)
3. Red
4. Vykhodila Manya married
5. King Ring
6. BBQ (Clowning Mix)
7. Doll 2007
8. 1000000 $
9. Murka (Triplex ?Sexy Summer? mix)
10. Diskomaljarija (feat. Eveleena Gilmano Club Mix)
11. And on the dance floor no seats available or Zakolebal-2 2007
12. Summer Song (feat. Max Lawrence)
13. Fluy Guy
14. Song about slesare sixth level
15. Mel fate
16. Sonya Erickson
17. Zagubili Ljalju
18. Black boomer feat Yana, Max Lawrence and Satsura



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