Gotan Project & Yann Tiersen – Live @ Music Planet 2nite


With four songs each plus the spectacular Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) Gotan guys never tire of wanting peace in a tango show sophisticated against U.S. policy and for its part, the teacher Tiersen, cordoned off with love and violins.
    1. Gotan Project – Queremos
    2. Gotan Project – Una Música Brutal
    3. Gotan Project – Época
    4. Yann Tiersen – Rue des Cascades/La Parade
    5. Yann Tiersen – Bagatelle
    6. Yann Tiersen – Le Quartier
    7. Yann Tiersen – La Crise
    8. Gotan Project & Yann Tiersen – Santa María (del Buen Ayre)
    9. Gotan Project – Tríptico





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