The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder – San Patricio (2010)

The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder – San Patricio (2010)
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This is a new musical collaboration between the Irish Folk legends, guitarist Ry Cooder and guest musicians. Known and beloved all over the world, The Chieftains truly are an international phenomenon. San Patricio rekindles their Grammy winning partnership with Cooder, illuminating musical and historical bonds between Ireland and Mexico. The album tells the nearly forgotten story of the brave San Patricio battalion, a downtrodden group of Irish immigrants who deserted the US Army to fight on the Mexican side in the Mexican/American War (1846-48). Features guest appearances from Lila Downs, Linda Ronstadt, Carlos Nunez, Moya Brennan, Lost Tigres Del Norte and others.
Track Listing:
1. La Iguana – with Lila Downs
2. La Golondrina – with Los Folkloristas
3. A la Orilla de un Palmar – with Linda Ronstadt
4. Danza de Concheros – with Los Folkloristas
5. El Chivo – with Los Cenzontles
6. San Campio – with Carlos Núñez
7. The Sands of Mexico – with Ry Cooder
8. Sailing to Mexico – with Carlos Núñez
9. El Caballo – with Los Camperos de Valles
10. March to Battle (Across the Rio Grande) – with Banda de Gaita de Batallón, Liam Neeson, Los Cenzontles and L.A. Juvenil
11. Lullaby for the Dead – with Moya Brennan
12. Luz de Luna – with Chavela Vargas
13. Persecución de Villa – with Mariachi Santa Fe de Jesus (Chuy) Guzman
14. Canción Mixteca (Intro) – with Ry Cooder
15. Canción Mixteca – with Los Tigres Del Norte
16. Ojitos Negros – with Los Cenzontles
17. El Relampago – with Lila Downs
18. El Pájaro Cu – with La Negra Graciana
19. Finale – with Los Cenzontles, Carlos Núñez, Los Folkloristas, Banda de Gaita de Batallón and L.A. Juvenil
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