John Hiatt-The Open Road-2010-404

ARTiST: John Hiatt
ALBUM: The Open Road
BiTRATE: 169kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 –vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: New West
SiZE: 60.93 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 47min 54sec total
RiP DATE: 2010-03-13
STORE DATE: 2010-03-12

Track List:
01. The Open Road                    4:34
02. Haulin’                          4:07
03. Go Down Swingin’                 3:40
04. Like A Freight Train             6:00
05. My Baby                          4:12
06. Homeland                         4:47
07. Wonder Of Love                   3:53
08. What Kind Of Man                 3:52
09. Movin’ On                        4:44
10. Fireball Roberts                 4:29
11. Carry You Back Home              3:36

Release Notes:
John Hiatt recently picked up a lifetime achievement award from the Americana
Music Association — a fitting tribute to a man who was writing and singing
Americana long before we knew that was what it was called. On Fireball Roberts,
he fashions the kind of simple, bluesy, yearning ballad he has long been the
master of, aching guitar work wrapped around finely turned lyrics: “I was trying
to leave the black dog home/But it followed me to your house/And it carried its
own chewed bone.” But this slow, melancholy style is outweighed by upbeat
bar-band rock and an optimistic desire to get back out there. Even the glimpses
of world-weariness — “I used to roll through here like a freight train, but my
wheel’s come off” — are trumped by the overall air of defiance. “I’m gonna go
down swingin’,” Hiatt sings, “singing till the end.” Excellent news.


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