Streetlight Manifesto-99 Songs Of Revolution Volume One-2010

ARTiST: Streetlight Manifesto
ALBUM: 99 Songs Of Revolution Volume One
BiTRATE: 224kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 –vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Victory Records
SiZE: 55.72 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 32min 56sec total
RiP DATE: 2010-03-13
STORE DATE: 2010-03-12

Track List:
01. Birds Flying Away                3:27
02. Hell                             2:56
03. Just                             3:00
04. Skyscraper                       2:40
05. Punk Rock Girl                   2:17
06. Linoleum                         2:44
07. Me And Julio Down By The         2:27
08. They Provide The Paint           3:33
09. Red Rubber Ball                  2:49
10. The Troubadour                   3:33
11. Such Great Heights               3:30

Release Notes:
99 Songs of Revolution was originally thought to be only a Bandits of the
Acoustic Revolution release, as stated in the liner notes for their debut 2001
EP, A Call to Arms. Not much was known about the project until September 2008,
when the project was officially and publicly announced. It was revealed that 99
Songs of Revolution would feature 99 cover songs spread out over eight
full-length albums from four different artists. Each of the four bands, Bandits
of the Acoustic Revolution, Streetlight Manifesto and two currently unknown
“Streetlight Manifesto related” artists, will release two albums in the series.

The project saw many tentative release dates in 2008 and 2009. Toward the end of
2009, Streetlight Manifesto announced that the first CD had been completed as
was awaiting release from the record label. The band also hinted at the
possibility of self-releasing the album on vinyl through the Pentimento Music
Company “long before” their label could release it on CD.[4] Also in late 2009,
Streetlight Manifesto began previewing their songs from 99 Songs of Revolution
on their website and during live performances.


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