VA-Euphoria Hard Dance Awards 2010 (3CD) (2010)


Artist………..: VA
Album………..: Euphoria Hard Dance Awards 2010 (3CD) (2010)
Format…………: MP3
Quality…………: VBR kbps/44,1 kHz/Stereo
Genre…………: Dance
Date…………: n/a 2010
Tracks…………: 3 mixed *cue (62 tracks)
Playtime…………: 224:55 min
Size…………: 327 MB



01. Kutski Intro
02. FJ Project Ex Pulse
03. Klonez Attack Of The Klonez
04. Luca Antolini Control Your Body (Antolini & Montorsi Remix)
05. Scott Attrill 2 Invade (Stadium Mix)
06. Phil York Vs BRK3 Traffic
07. Kamui Gaga Culture
08. DJ Isaac Tear The Club Up (LA Mix)
09. Dutch Master What Goes Around
10. Brennan Heart Just As Easy
11. Technoboy Meets Ruffian The Undersound
12. Activator Everything
13. DJ La Nina Silence (Abyss & Judge Remix)
14. Zatox The Noisemaker
15. Showtek Electronic Stereo Phonic
16. Gostosa Presentz Cybersutra Feat. Tiff Lacey Sutra
17. TNT AKA Technoboy ‘n’ Tuneboy Tritolo
18. Zany & Dozer Fruxaq
19. Tuneboy Overdub
20. Tha Playah Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix)
21. Kutski Blacked Out
22. Ruffneck & Endymion Justice
23. Jeremy The Flow (TJunction & Rudeboy Remix)


01. MDA & Spherical Cosmos
02. AWsum AllStarz 4 An Angel (Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Remix)
03. Steve Hill Vs Technikal Technique
04. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller Vs Cally Gage Feat Kyla Everythings Alright
05. Jon Doe Good Timez
06. SQ Outta Control
07. Technikal Believe In You
08. Karlston Khaos Dedicated Clubber
09. Rob Tissera & Technikal Freefalling Technikal’s (Double Drop Mix)
10. Gammer & Klubfiller Ordinary World
11. Nathalie & Technikal Big Sky
12. Aftershok Rocksteady
13. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller DJ ~censored~ (Bounce Mix)
14. Klubfiller Ravin ‘N’ Misbehavin
15. BK Rave Monkey (JP &Jukesy Mix)
16. Ben Stevens & Rodi Style I Can’t Help Myself (ReEdit)
17. Cally Gage & Gammer Make Ya Freak
18. Andy Whitby Vs Technikal Rumble
19. Rock N Roller Feat. Fraz Alone
20. Andy Whitby Vs MDA & Spherical Like It Hard?


01. Kamui Thrill Kill
02. Neal Thomas Pyrotechno
03. Organ Donors & Kidd Kaos Silence
04. Southstylers Jazeker! (Johnny Quail Mix)
05. Scot Project F2 (Future Is Now) (Kamui Remix)
06. Adrenaline Dept The Clubgroove
07. BK & Lee Haslam Feel Good Inc
08. Vandall Viva La Revolution
09. Showtek Here We F*king Go
10. DJ Phil Ty A Kay A
11. Zany Maximum Force
12. Scott Attrill Big Bass
13. Tony De Vit Are You All Ready (BK Remix)
14. Ed Real & The Coalition 20,000 Hardcore Members (Kidd Kaos Remix)
15. Anne Savage I Can’t Hear Ya (Luca Antolini Remix)
16. Cally & Juice I’ve Become
17. The KGB’s Channel KGB’s
18. Ben Stevens & UK Gold On The Spot
19. Lisa Lashes & Anne Savage You’re Not Alone

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