Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�1: Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student Online

August 19, 2008

Sakura�s class receives a new transfer student, Eriol Hiiragizawa, a boy from England, and he�s taken a fancy with Sakura, making Shaoran jealous. Later on, Sakura receives a vision from Clow Reed that he may be bringing trouble to her, and that night a rainy and magically unnatural storm hits town. And it�s trouble indeed when Sakura attempts a transformation.


Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�2: Sakura and the Awakened Key of Star Online

August 18, 2008

It has been raining non-stop for two days, and Sakura is worried about why she couldn�t activate her staff the previous night. She decides to talk to Shaoran about it, but Eriol interrupts, annoying Shaoran. That night Yukito eats dinner at Sakura�s house. After dinner Touya leaves to go to his job. After he leaves, Kero comes down and forced Yukito to become Yue, before transforming himself. He says that when they were at the park the previous night he felt a magical power that seemed familiar to him. That night Sakura, Keroberos, Yue, and Tomoyo head back to the park to figure out the disturbance. Before she can come up with a plan, Sakura and the others are sucked into tornados of water which threatens to drown them, and she can still not get her staff to work. Will she be able to get it to work so that she can use the Clow Cards to save her friends?

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�3: Sakura and the Dangerous Piano Online

August 17, 2008

Sakura is completely drained from transforming the Firey Card under her own power, and winds up falling asleep and sleeping all day, missing school. After school Shaoran and Tomoyo visit her to make sure she is ok. They ask why she is so worn out. Kero tells them that now that she is the master of the Clow Cards, she has to transform all of them from Clow Reed�s control to her control before the cards lose their power. However, transforming them takes a lot of energy and greatly weakens her. Tomoyo then comes up with the name Sakura Cards for cards that she has transformed. The next day at school, Sakura and Tomoyo walk in on Eriol playing the piano and listens to it, not knowing that he is using his magic on it. Later, while Tomoyo is practicing in the room the piano floating and threatens to crush Tomoyo. Now Sakura needs to come up with a plan to save her friend from begin squashed!

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�4: Sakura and Shaoran and the Invisible Threads Online

August 16, 2008

Sakura wakes up early in the morning, and begins to wonder why she senses Clow Reed anytime something strange happens. At school, Rika tells her that if you give a teddy bear to the person you love with the same name as you, you will be loved in return. Rika gives one to Terada, and Sakura decides to give on to Yukito. After school she stops at a store so she can buy things to make the bear. At the store she runs into Eriol who is buying thread. That night she begins to make her bear, and is not pleased with it. Then she and Kero sense Clow Reed and head out to investigate. Shaoran and Tomoyo also show up. All of a sudden Shaoran tries to slash Sakura with his sword. However, he says that it is not him controlling the sword. She tries to help but can not get close enough. Will she be able to help Shaoran without putting herself in danger?

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�5: Sakura and the Big Teddy Bear Online

August 15, 2008

Sakura is still working on her teddy bear, and is not pleased with how it is turning out. Eriol comes by and gives her some advice on how to make it better. Meanwhile, Shaoran is also making a teddy bear. Yukito shows up and eats lunch with Shaoran. When he mentions the bear, Shaoran gets embarrassed and walks away. That night, Sakura delivers her bear to Yukito at his house. Yukito takes the bear, and suddenly Sakura and Kero feel the presence of Clow Reed. Before they can react, the teddy bear grows to an enormous size and attacks Sakura. Yukito quickly becomes Yue and saves her from the blast, and Kero transforms as well. The bear continues to attack, destroying part of Yukito�s house. She discovers the weakness of the bear, but is presented with a problem. She needs to use both the Fly and Sword cards, but she can�t use them both at the same time!

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�6: Sakuraas Sheep Warning!? Online

August 14, 2008

Sakura is always sleepy these days because she uses up tons of energy when she transform the Cards into Sakura Cards, she�s even dozing off in class. That night Yukito comes over to return a book that he borrowed from Touya. When Touya leaves, Yukito transforms into Yue. Yue reveals that his power is growing weaker since he can not draw enough energy off of Sakura, but he thinks he knows another way to get energy. After he leaves, Shaoran calls and says that there is something strange happening in Penguin Park. She heads to the park and notices that the penguin slide is tipped over and there is a huge hole where it used to be. She uses the Fly card and descends into the hole. As soon as she is in, a barrier forms keeping her in, and everyone else out. All of a sudden a bunch of sheep plush dolls begin falling on her, threatening to bury her alive. Can she come up with a plan to save herself?

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura 3�7: Sakura and the Panic Bicycle Online

August 13, 2008

Sakura is raking leaves in her yard and begins to feel sleepy. Eriol happens to be walking by the house and helps her, and takes the chance to slip some of his magic onto Touya�s bike. At dinner Sakura doses off, leaving both Touya and her dad worried. However, they both have to leave to go to work. In her room, Kero once again explains that transforming the cards takes a lot of energy out of her, but she needs to transform they all, otherwise they will forever lose there power. Panicked by this statement, she tries to transform eight cards at once. Seven of them manage to transform, but the Dash card gets confused and runs off. She quickly gives chase, but can not catch up to the card. Too make matters worse, the Dash takes over Touya�s bike!