APLite – Joomla 1.5 Admin Template

October 10, 2009

APLite – Joomla 1.5 Admin Template:


AdminPraise Lite is a super lightweight Joomla! administrator panel template. Intelligent shortcuts, logical placement, and customization combine to bring you a totally optimized Joomla! experience. More Inof: http://www.joomlapraise.com/free-joomla-templates/adminpraise-lite.php

Version 0.9.3 Beta – 10/08/09

* [fixed] Component child link image
* [fixed] CiviCRM menu display
* [added] Option for sidebar child list hover
* [added] Active submenu style
* [added] Font size for tablature data
* [added] Minimum width param
* [added] Sidebar width param
* [added] Morph Configurator styles
* [changed] Component list view to same as Component menu acl
* [changed] Everyone can see cpanel module position