Nokia N72

October 10, 2009

nokia-n72-00Full Nokia N72 Review:

Trading stainless steel for glossy black plastic and 3G for EDGE, the N72 is a close relative to the popular N70 and the black sheep of Nokia’s N Series family with its modest specifications; think of it as a nice faux leather couch, if you will.

Calling – Excellent

As is typical of Nokia, voice quality as delivered by the N72 is impeccable and, in this case, also noticeably louder than most competitors. Lacking 3G, video calling is not an option, but Bluetooth headset support and a loudspeaker remains.

Camera – Very good

With its 2 Megapixel camera, the N72 shoots above-par stills for a mid-range phone and offers a raft of options for managing, printing and sharing photos including Bluetooth and PictBridge for the latter two. Memory, you ask? A bit short.

Music – Good


Although the music player itself is quite alright, audio quality is distinctly average, while the reliance on RS-MMC memory cards – plus an inability to accept these in size larger than 128 MB – puts quite a dent in the MP3 department.

Messaging – Excellent

The combination of a no-frills, high-quality keypad and a very decent navipad joins in with sms, mms and e-mail – the latter of which supports attachment viewing of common office formats. Bonus points: Bluetooth keyboard compatibility.

Browsing – Very good

Although it deals reasonably well with reformatting full web pages, neither the EDGE connectivity nor the medium resolution of the otherwise good screen does the browser of the N72 any favours; still, it’s better than most.

Battery life – Good

In the range of 2.5 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby isn’t all that much to write home about for a mid-range phone, but the N72 doesn’t fare worse than much of its competition.