Watch CSI NY 3�18: Sleight Out of Hand Online

May 2, 2008

Illusionist Luke Blade may have to defend the art of magic after an illusion is thought to have killed two people. Back in Montana Lindsay will need to take herself back to the time when she was fourteen to help her remember the crime that killed four friends in order to help convict of the person that killed them.


Watch CSI NY 3�19: A Daze Of Wine And Roaches Online

May 1, 2008

At a French Revolution themed fundraiser at the UN, specifically at the French consulate, Mac, Stella and Hawkes find themselves hurdling diplomatic road blocks investigating two murders. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay reunite on a “blinged” out cockroach that lead to murder.

Watch CSI NY 3�20: What Schemes May Come Online

April 30, 2008

The team finds itself investigating the murders of three different people, only to discover that two of the murder victims are linked and may have been killed by the same person. One of these cases becomes personal for Mac.

Watch CSI NY 3�22: Cold Reveal Online

April 29, 2008

Mac believes he can fight the internal affairs investigation that is about to be started against him because of what happened to Clay Dobson. Can Mac explain what happened to the suspect he was chasing and will it be good enough for him to keep his job? Also Stella could lose her job as a CSI after a cold case is somehow connected to her.

Watch CSI NY 3�21: Past Imperfect Online

April 28, 2008

Trouble begins for Mac when Clay Dobson becomes a free man due to a mistake he made. Stella learns the results of her HIV test from Adam.

Watch CSI NY 3�23: Comes Around Online

April 27, 2008

Can the team clear a tennis legend of murder? Also Mac believes that the continuing investigation into what happened with Clay Dobson is nothing but media pressure. Can friends and colleagues help save Mac Taylor�s career before it�s too late?

Watch CSI NY 3�24: Snow Day Online

April 26, 2008

After Flack makes an enormous drug bust, and locks it up at CSI, the drug lords infiltrate the building at gunpoint to get them back. Now the team must resolve the hostage situations, all the while with Mac, Stella, and Hawkes trapped inside.